26th Annual

San Francisco Bay

Flyway FEstival

February 5-7, 2021


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This was 2020, check back for a COVID 2021

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This letter and references are all for 2020, but may certainly apply to 2021...
January 25, 2020
Last night I drove to the Mare Island Preserve gate, parked and hopped out of the car for a 2-mile walk through the drydocks and industrial area of Mare Island with Nitro. I returned refreshed, still amazed at the massiveness of the buildings, structures, cranes and the ships in drydock, two NOAA research vessels and a cable laying ship with an ungainly superstructure built onto it for threading the cable from the ship to the bottom of the sea, below. I settled in with a cup of tea, so easy to make with a small camp stove and tea pot I always have with me now, like I’ve read about the Brits doing. There’s something about a hot cup of tea that’s a necessity for writing. 
And, I had an exciting writing assignment. I was about to share with you, that after cancelling the Flyway Festival in the Fall, due to the City of Vallejo locking us out of the Preserve, we ARE going to host our 25th annual migration celebration founded on Mare Island so long ago. That’s fantastic, if not last minute news, isn’t it?! 
    Many of you are wondering how the closing of the Preserve indefinitely, following some simple grass fires in early Fall that singed a few dozen trees, led to the cancellation of our beloved Winter party for our wild neighbors. How did the last 16 weeks of confusion, frustration and crushing disappointment, come to be linked with the Flyway Festival? 
First, the Preserve is not only a nature and cultural history wildlands park we founded and together with you, we’ve funded for 12 years, but it’s 44% of Vallejo’s open space. We’ve counted on it as an integral Flyway Festival public access to and... click to continue


wilderness – wild near us

Join us for our 26th annual celebration of the migration through San Francisco Bay of more than 1 million shorebirds and hundreds of thousands of ducks, geese, hawks and other wildlife at the peak of migration.1February 5-7, 2021

Please make your donation to the Flyway Festival payable to:

Mare Island

Heritage Trust

816 Branciforte St.

Vallejo, CA 94590

Donate online  or give at the Flyway Festival Wildlife Expo

Photo: upper left: cooper’s hawk, Rita LeRoy. Photos above and right: Bill George, Our largest osprey family ever on San Francisco Bay, Summer 2018, young great egrets and turkey vulture and red-shouldered hawk lightning rod perches, Mare Island Preserve; Lower photo right: bird viewing with Field Guide Marcia Grefsrud, Mare Island Preserve.




come in out of the rain...Our Flyway Festival is held at the peak of migration and that means the dead of winter in San Francisco Bay. So, rest assured, our Festival will take place rain or shine! Only heavy rain cancels an outing. We aren’t certain where or if there will be a live or Virtual Wildlife Expo this year for Presentations and exhibits.


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